Just another young(ish) adult trying to navigate through the BS of modern life. I’m fascinated by the human experience and the human condition and believe that we all have the power to make a difference.

A moment of madness or a brilliant idea?

The Idea came from a very intense period of life in the end of September and into October 2020. If you asked any of my close friends they would probably tell you “she was on one. She had some mad energy, but it was Great! She was ready to take on absolutely any and everything.”

The end of September was the build up and the climax of some really heavy stuff (with a think layer of pandemic anxiety). I went from, what felt like rock bottom and functioning on auto-pilot with zero energy, to entering a new menstrual cycle which brought with it a new source of life for the first two weeks of October. However, this breakthrough from suffering deteriorated by the 3rd week in October, bringing with is the stern grip of depression I thought I had escaped.

But! during this strange period of clearing came the idea of “filtering through the bullshit” we seem to be dealing with everyday, from our country leaders and adverts on television to that of the growing misperception within society causing more harm than good.

So here I am. Attempting to share whatever goodness I can provide to make the world a slightly better place, one action at a time.

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